53 mile Ultra Trail Marathon through Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, Scotland, UK
Rob Sinclair smashed the course record; 06:41:13 #FlingRace
2017 Results click here to download the xls file
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2017 Race Information & FAQs

Race Date: Saturday 29th April 2017

Friday Registration: 3:00pm - 9:00pm in the Burnbrae Inn, Milngavie, G61 3DQ

Saturday Registration: 4:30am - 5:45am in Milngavie Station car park, G62 8BX

Race Start: 6:00am in Milngavie Station car park

Ceilidh Party: 8:00pm till late at the race finish

You can also a print-friendly Ultramarathon Information document here 2017-ultra-race-information-race-faq_s.pdf

Please note that any changes you want to make to your race entry MUST be done online. If you want to book a coach seat, change the time of a coach booking, update your medical information or change your emergency contact details, you should log in to your Si Entries account, pick the Highland Fling from your list of races, then Edit and Save your Participant Details. All changes MUST be made by midnight on Sunday 23rd April.

The Most Important Stuff

Photographic ID MUST be shown at race registration
Friday registration is in Milngavie ONLY - no Glasgow registration this year
Earphone use is limited and earphone rules will be enforced very strictly
No support crews at Rowardennan checkpoint or anywhere between Balmaha and Rowardennan
No race traffic allowed at the Beech Tree Inn, Dumgoyne No race traffic allowed anywhere between Balmaha and Rowardennan

The Race Rules:

  • Do what the marshals tell you. Always. At all times. Absolutely no arguing with them!
  • Race numbers must be worn on your FRONT, and must be visible to marshals at all times
  • Wristbands MUST NOT be removed until after the race
  • All runners MUST carry an emergency foil blanket and charged/switched on mobile phone
  • No support runners/pacers. No running poles. No dogs accompanying runners. No littering.
  • Limited earphone use is allowed. Please read full briefing for detailed explanation of earphone rules If a marshal signals you to remove earphones, you MUST do so immediately
  • If you decide to withdraw from the race, you MUST let us know about it before going home


Please note that the Race Director's decisions on all matters regarding race rules, unsportsmanlike conduct, any other arsey behaviour and all aspects of runner safety are absolutely final.

Race Weekend Schedule

3:00pm - 9:00pm: Race Registration, Burnbrae Inn, Milngavie, G61 3DQ

3:45am - Coach leaves Tyndrum going to the race start in Milngavie (must be booked in advance)
4:30am - Coach leaves Glasgow west end going to the race start in Milngavie (must be booked in advance)
4:30am - 5:45am: Ultrarunners’ race registration at race start, Milngavie Station car park, G62 8BX
4:30am - 5:45am: Bring drop bags to race start and put into checkpoint vehicles
4:30am - 5:45am: Bring kit bags (for finish at Tyndrum) to race start and put into large truck
5:45am - Race Director's race briefing for runners 6:00am - Ultramarathon start. Run 53 miles to Tyndrum

5:00pm - Prizegiving at race finish, By The Way Hostel and campsite, Tyndrum, FK20 8RY

6:00pm - 10:00pm: Coaches leave Tyndrum for Milngavie every hour on the hour (must be booked in advance)
8:00pm - 11:30pm: Traditional Scottish ceilidh party in marquee at the race finish (BYOB)
10:00pm - Last Saturday night C0ach leaves for Milngavie (must be booked in advance)
Party animals - For anyone wanting a nightcap, the Tyndrum Inn is open until 1:00am

10:00am - Final coach leaves for Milngavie (must be booked in advance)
10:00am - Closing ceremony (packing up the marquees) taking place at the race finish. If you’re still in Tyndrum, please do come along and help us out :-)


Race Registration

Friday 28th, 3:00pm - 9:00pm: The Burnbrae Inn, Glasgow Rd, Milngavie, G61 3DQ Saturday 29th,
4:30am - 5:45am: Milngavie Station car park, G62 8BX.

Your registration pack will contain your race number, your timing chip with strap which MUST be worn on your ANKLE, and if you have requested one, your vehicle support pass. At race registration all runners will be required to show photographic ID to collect their race number, and all runners will be fitted with non-transferable wristbands which must not be removed until after the race. This is mainly for safety reasons, to make sure we have up-to-date medical information for all runners taking part, but also to ensure all runners comply with Scottish Athletics rules regarding unofficial number swapping.

If arriving on Friday , please DO NOT park in Milngavie station car park overnight. This includes camper vans!

Raceday Morning

If arriving by car, please do NOT attempt to drive into the station car park. There will be traffic marshals controlling access to the car park and you will NOT under any circumstance be allowed to bring your car in. For short-term parking i.e. support crew cars, please follow marshals' directions and use the Tesco car park, which is right beside the station. (Please note that cars left here after 7:30am will be fined by Tesco.) If registering on Saturday morning, please allow plenty of time to arrive and get parked, as registration will close at 5:45am sharp.

Race Briefing

5:45am: Race Briefing for all runners, at the race start. We will have a PA system set up so you should be able to hear the briefing all across the car park. We realise that you’ll probably be in the queue for the portaloos at this point, but please try to listen in case there is any important last minute information that you really need to know.

Race Start

6:00am: Race start. Run 53 miles all the way to Tyndrum! :-)

Compulsory Kit

The following items must be carried by all relay runners at all times:
1. An emergency foil blanket (minimum size 200cm x 100cm)
2. A fully charged and switched on mobile phone

Don’t try to be sneaky about this, please just carry what we tell you to. Marshals along the race route do have the authority to carry out random kit checks, so be prepared to produce your foil blanket and mobile phone if asked. Please note that a foil blanket is the minimum safety kit that we insist on. If you want to carry something more substantial like a bivvy bag or an emergency shelter instead, that is absolutely fine with us.

Checkpoints and cut-offs

Checkpoints, distances and cut-offs are as follows:

Drymen 12.6 miles No cut-off -
Balamha 19.8 miles No cut-off -
Rowardennan 27.2 miles 7 hrs 1:00pm*
Inversnaid 34.54 miles No cut-off -
Beinglas 40.9 miles 11 hrs 30 mins 5.30pm*
A82 road crossing* 50-ish miles 14 hrs 30 mins 8:30pm*

*We note the race time when the last runner crosses the start line (usually about 5 minutes) and add this to each cut-off time

These cut-offs are in place for runner safety and will be strictly enforced. In addition, if at any point during the race our marshals or first aiders think you are unwell or unfit to continue, they may withdraw you from the race. In reality this rarely happens, so don’t worry about it. However, if it does happen to you, no moaning at them! They are only concerned for your safety and have given up their day to look after you, so be nice to them, even if they’re pulling you out of the race!


Drop Bags

Runners can have drop bags at Balmaha, Rowardennan, Inversnaid and Beinglas. Drop bags should be clearly labelled with name, race number and checkpoint. We have to transport 750+ drop bags to each checkpoint, so please remember this is ‘only’ a 53 mile race and not a two month polar expedition, i.e. drop bags should be small, and must not contain spare shoes or full changes of clothing. Please do NOT bring your drop bags to Friday registration, as we will not be accepting them. Please just bring them to the race start on Saturday morning.


Race Support

You really don’t need a support crew to run this race (that’s the point of drop bags!) but if you want one, you can have one. You must pay for a vehicle support pass (£11, all monies passed on to landowners for allowing access) and the pass must be displayed in the vehicle’s windscreen. You can receive support from your crew at Drymen, Balmaha, Inversnaid* and Beinglas. You can ONLY receive support from your crew at these four checkpoints, you must NOT receive support anywhere else along the race route. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that your support crew are aware of these conditions. If your support crew disobey support rules, if they park dangerously, block public roads or driveways or in any way inconvenience other road users, you may be disqualified.
*For most runners, it is not advised for support crews to go to Inversnaid. Driving to and from it takes bloody ages. If your crew goes to Inversnaid, they will almost certainly miss you at Beinglas. Please note that a vehicle support pass is for ONE vehicle only - runners are not allowed two support vehicles! You can’t split your support crew and have one car going to Inversnaid and a second one going to Beinglas. Pick one or the other for them to go to.

If you want support but haven't already purchased a vehicle support pass, please do so as soon as possible.

Route markers and Navigation

The race route follows the West Highland Way footpath. It is waymarked with wooden marker posts and is very easy to follow. In addition to these marker posts there will be yellow arrows along the route at points where we think extra route marking would be helpful. You don’t need to be able to navigate and we don’t ask you to carry a map and compass. On race day there will be almost 1,000 other runners sharing the route with you, so it’s very unlikely you’ll get lost. If you’re a navigational fud, you can download the gpx file of the route from the race website. If you prefer a proper map, the Harvey's West Highland Way one covers the full race route.

Event Medical Cover

The highly experienced Highland Fling Medical Team are covering the whole event and will be present throughout the day. Race medics will be at the race finish to assist any runner who requires medical attention. Outdoor first aid marshals will be present at all checkpoints to deal with minor cuts and scrapes. However, in the event of any life-threatening emergency, please call 999 first, then Race Control (this phone number will be printed on your race number).

Use of painkillers during the race: Please do NOT take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or naproxen. These medications are known to stress the kidneys and while the overall risk is low, they can contribute to life-threatening issues for ultrarunners. If you are sceptical about this information, please google ‘ibuprofen and ultrarunning’ and read about the risks yourself. If you really need to take painkillers during the race, please take something else.

Withdrawal from the Race

If you decide to withdraw from the race you MUST inform one of the race marshals OR call (not text!) the phone number for DNF runners (this will be printed on your race number.) We really don’t want to be sending out Search & Rescue teams to go hunting for you, especially if you’re already at home with your feet up, so please DO NOT exit the race without informing a checkpoint marshal or other race official!

The Earphone Rules

Our rules about earphones are exactly the same as previous years:

- Earphones out when approaching checkpoints, road crossings, and marshals anywhere along the route
- Earphones out when running on or alongside roads and pavements
- Earphones out on narrow sections of trail where runners can’t easily overtake

The difference this year is that we will be enforcing these rules very strictly. We are fed up of hearing about runners ignoring the earphone rules, ignoring our marshals, running across roads and through checkpoints with their earphones in, and holding up runners on narrow sections of trail because they can’t hear other runners asking to get past. We are sick of earphone twats who think the rules don’t apply to them!

Every year we get complaints after the race from runners who got stuck behind someone with earphones in who couldn’t hear them asking to get past. Please make sure this ‘someone’ isn’t you. Please don’t be an earphone twat! And if you get stuck behind an earphone twat, please give them a tap on the shoulder/clip round the ear and politely remind them of the earphone rules. Also roll your eyes at them and tut loudly.

So… When you’re coming up to a road crossing, take your earphones out. When you’re approaching a checkpoint, take your earphones out. If you see a marshal wearing hi-viz anywhere along the race route, take your earphones out. And on any bit of trail that is narrow enough that you’re running single file, TAKE YOUR EARPHONES OUT!!!

And that goes for those bone conducting ones too. If they look like earphones and they sound like earphones, we are going to treat them exactly the same as normal earphones. Take them off.

Our checkpoint and road crossing marshals will all be equipped with whistles. If they see a runner with earphones in, they will blow their whistles and point. Everyone will look around to see who’s the twat with earphones in. If it’s you, you’ll feel like a right eejit. It’s a deliberate public shaming tactic.

If you forget about your earphones, and a marshal signals you to remove them, your coat is already on a shoogly peg and you MUST take them out immediately. If you try to argue the point about your music being turned off, your earphones may be confiscated from you until the race finish, and you also risk being removed from the race for your own safety, i.e. disqualified.

In addition to this, after the race we will be looking through photos from checkpoints and road crossings. If we identify you as a repeat offender, we reserve the right to disqualify you after the fact. We will not take this course of action without speaking to you first, but if we have photos from several checkpoints or road crossings showing you with your earphones in, we will most likely remove you from the official race results.

This would mean you would not be able to use your Highland Fling race finish as a qualifier for other races, and you would not get any UTMB points from us either. And you would cause us a whole load of hassle, and we would secretly think you’re a total fanny, and we most likely wouldn’t allow you to enter any of our races again. So please just take your earphones out where we ask you to, eh?

Thank you for not being an earphone twat! :)

Support Crew Information

New rule for 2017: NO SUPPORT CREWS ALLOWED AT ROWARDENNAN or anywhere between Balmaha and Rowardennan.

Race Support can only be provided at the four named checkpoints. Race Support must not be provided to runners anywhere else along the race route. This means the Beech Tree Inn, the road through Gartness village, Garadhban Forest car park, the whole road between Balmaha and Rowardennan, Millarochy Bay and Sallochy Bay car parks, and the A82 road crossing are all out of bounds. Support crews MUST NOT go to any of these places. This is mainly for safety reasons, to minimise traffic congestion on the route and to minimise disruption to local residents and local businesses. Support crews also MUST NOT stop anywhere along the A82 between Beinglas and Tyndrum. (Support crews can park in Crianlarich and walk up to the big gate at the start of Bogle Glen to cheer their runner on, but they must NOT provide any food/drink to their runner there. Marshals will be in attendance.)

Here are the four checkpoints where support crews are allowed, with postcodes for navigation:

Checkpoint Location Postcode Total race distance
Drymen by ‘The Old School’ B&B G63 0BW 12.6 miles
Balmaha Ben Lomond car park G63 0AR 19.8 miles
Inversnaid* The Inversnaid Hotel FK8 3TU 34.4 miles
Beinglas Beinglas Farm campsite G83 7DX 40.9 miles

We recommend that support crews only meet their runner at Balmaha and Beinglas. These checkpoints are easy to access and have good sized car parks.

We strongly suggest that support crews do NOT attempt to meet their runner at Drymen or Inversnaid. Drymen is a small village, it has limited parking facilities, and as the first relay changeover point it will be extremely busy. Parking will be difficult and your crew may end up stuck in a traffic jam. Inversnaid is in a very remote location and your crew will find it almost impossible to get to and from there in time to meet you. If you’re not sure what we mean, have a look at a road map. From Inversnaid to Beinglas on the trail is just 6.5 miles for runners, but by car it is 60+ miles, much of it on very narrow single track roads.

All runners can have drop bags at Rowardennan and Inversnaid, even those with support crews.

Spectator Information


We are imposing these restrictions on spectator parking due to severe congestion on narrow roads causing road safety issues as well as problems for local residents and local businesses on race day. Because of this, we have to insist that spectators do not visit the above locations. Please do not jeopardise the future of the race by ignoring this! On race day, marshals will be controlling traffic at the Beech Tree Inn and at Balmaha car park. Please make their job easy and comply with their instructions. The best places to spectate are around Balmaha checkpoint itself and in the forest above Crianlarich, as there is ample car parking at both locations.

Absolutely NO SPECTATOR PARKING is allowed at the Drovers Inn, Inverarnan. This will be enforced by race marshals and police, who will be in attendance throughout the day.

The Race Finish

The Highland Fling race finish is pretty fabulous. As well as your team's medals, race t-shirts and goody bags, the following treats are available at the finish line for all relay runners completely FREE of charge:

  • Homemade soup and rolls - courtesy of Matt and Ena Duncan (Mum and Dad Fling)
  • Baked potatoes - courtesy of Albert Bartlett and The Real Food Cafe
  • Ice cream - courtesy of Mackies and The Real Food Cafe
  • Heated marquee to relax in
  • Unlimited tea and freshly brewed coffee for all runners. (There might even be beer too!)
  • Hot showers (please bring your own towels and toiletries)
  • Post-race massage

The Real Food Cafe are putting on a BBQ and will be selling fabulous burgers and other chargrilled delights.

There will be first aid/medical assistance available at the finish for any runner who requires it.

Race sponsors Beta Running, Lyon Outdoors and Scottish ultrarunning specialist store Run and Become will have stalls at the finish, with gear from Ultimate Direction, Injinji, La Sportiva and Petzl, as well as Tailwind Nutrition and other suppliers of all sorts of fancypants running accoutrements.

Fling Bling

There will also be the Fling merchandise tent where runners will be able to purchase a variety of our top quality and highly admired ‘Highland Fling’ race hoodies, gilets, kids hoodies, buffs, vests, cowbells, pants, socks, jockstraps (okay, perhaps not jockstraps, but if we get enough requests, maybe in 2018…) Please bring cash as the patchy 3G mobile signal in Tyndrum means our card machine usually doesn’t work.

Prizes and Trophies

The prizegiving will take place at the race finish at approximately 5:00pm. We will try to notify our age category winners by mobile phone beforehand. If you’ve won something but you really can’t stay until prizegiving, please pop in to the Race Control tent and let us know, and we will try to give you your trophy to take home with you.

Trophies will be awarded to:

1st, 2nd and 3rd overall male and female
1st, 2nd and 3rd Vet 40 male and female
1st, 2nd and 3rd Vet 50 male and female
1st, 2nd and 3rd Vet 60 male and female
1st male club - the club with the three fastest male finishers
1st female club - the club with the three fastest female finishers

Murdo MacDonald Cup (previously the Coors Cup) - awarded to the club with the highest number of finishers.

Luxury Scottish Hamper - awarded to the winner of the Balmaha Drop Bag competition.

Saturday Evening Ceilidh Party

Same as previous years, there will be a traditional Scottish ceilidh party in the marquees at the finish line from 8:00pm until about 11:30pm. No tickets required - entry is free. Everyone is invited: runners, friends, families, supporters and of course marshals. Hot food will be available from approximately 9:30pm. This year there WON’T be an official bar in the evening, so please BYOB. The ceilidh is a private party on private property and children are very welcome to attend.

Last Minute Information

Please make sure that the email address you provided on your Si Entries account is correct, and can be accessed right up until the night before the race. Please also join the Highland Fling Race Facebook group. Any unforeseen last minute changes we need to make will be posted in the group as well as emailed out to all runners.

Lost Property

We will do our best to reunite any lost property with its rightful owner, however we can’t guarantee this. Any items found at checkpoints will be taken to the finish after the checkpoints have closed. For stuff left behind at Beinglas this could be well after 7:00pm so please don't pester our marshals about lost property before then. If you can't wait until that time to get it back, please just make sure you don't leave it behind in the first place.

At the race finish, any lost property items will be put under a ‘LOST PROPERTY” sign beside all the ultrarunners' kit bags. (High value lost property items will be looked after by a member of the Fling Race Team - please come and ask at the mahoosive big blue merchandise tent.) Anything not claimed by the end of race day will be taken back to Fling HQ and safely stored so please email team@highlandflingrace.org if you realise later that you lost something important at the race. Please note that we do not class pants and socks as ‘something important’, especially not grubby ones left behind on the shower floor!


Accessibility and inclusivity: We want as many people as possible to be able to take part in our race and our ceilidh party, and to feel as welcome as possible. To that end, all event portaloos and showers are gender neutral and there is a properly wheelchair-accessible-with-enough-room-for-carers toilet and shower at the race finish. If there is anything we can do to make you or any of your friends and family feel more welcome, or if you have any suggestions you would like to make in this regard, please just email us and we will do our absolute best to help you out: team@highlandflingrace.org. We are proud signatories of the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter and are fully committed to upholding all of its principles.


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

General stuff

The Fling started in 2006 as a low key training run for the West Highland Way race, with fewer than 20 runners taking part. Since then it has grown and grown, and this year, its 12th anniversary, there will be approximately 1000 runners taking part. The race starts in Milngavie, on the outskirts of Glasgow, then rapidly heads out into the countryside. It goes through Drymen and over Conic Hill to Balmaha, then follows the east side of Loch Lomond up past Rowardennan, skirting Ben Lomond, the most southerly of all Scotland's Munros. Further on up the lochside is the remote Inversnaid Hotel, then the path carries on past the head of the loch and upwards through the 'rollercoaster' forest above Crianlarich to finish in the pretty Highland village of Tyndrum. .

The race is organised by John Duncan (better known as Johnny Fling!) and is run as a non-profit event. John gets a lot of help from other people who also give up their time for free. No one gets paid anything for their time or expenses - not even John! - and every penny of entry fees is put towards event expenditure with the aim of giving runners the best race experience and best value for money possible. On race day, there will be around 200 members of the Fling Team giving up their time to help out. Many will spend more of their own money on fuel and accommodation than runners spend on their race entry fee so please remember to thank them when you run past and be very nice to them at all times.

The Highland Fling is sponsored and supported by a number of organisations and companies who all contribute to and help the event a lot. Race sponsors are Run and Become, Beta Running, Ultimate Direction, Injinji, Tailwind Nutrition UK, Lyon Outdoors, La Sportiva, Petzl, and the Real Food Cafe. Supporters of the race weekend are By The Way Hostel and Campsite, Albert Bartlett, Mackies, Innis and Gunn Brewery, the Burnbrae Inn, Strathfillan Community Trust, Forestry Commission Scotland, Police Scotland, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, East Dunbartshire Council, Stirling Council, and Argyll 1st.

The route is 90% off-road with just a few short sections on tarmac. The off-road sections are a mixture of wide landrover tracks, flat railway lines, tough uphill slogs, manicured paths, shingle beaches, rough stone steps, pretty forest trails and fairly demanding technical scrambles. There is also the infamous Cow Poo Alley a few miles north of Beinglas checkpoint to be negotiated. The race route includes 2300 metres (7500 feet) of ascent.

Either would be okay. Most of the paths are very good and unless it's been raining for the whole week before the race, it's not likely to be too muddy underfoot. Apart from Cow Poo Alley, where you could sink knee deep at any time. Basically, whatever you normally run off-road in will be fine.

Yes. The Highland Fling has been classed by ITRA as a four point qualifier for the 2018-2019 UTMB.

Pre Race Stuff

Drop bags allow runners to take part in long races without the need for support crews and without having to carry supplies the whole way. A drop bag is a SMALL secure parcel with food/drink in it and a waterproof label with your name, race number, and the checkpoint that you want it taken to stuck on the outside. At the start of the race there are vehicles with the names of each checkpoint on them that you put your drop bags in, and they are transported to the checkpoints for you to collect when you arrive there. As well as food and drink, you might want to have stuff like blister plasters, painkillers, a fresh pair of socks at halfway. Generally, drop bags aren't for anything of value or anything you really really need to get back, as sometimes (very rarely) they go missing.

Oh yes you certainly did! This is a competition held at Balmaha checkpoint, for the most fabulously designed and decorated drop bag. You can be as inventive as you like, but please remember to put your name and race number on your drop bag. Size guideline: your drop bag should be no larger than an average shoebox. The prize is a luxury hamper of Scottish goodies worth over £100 :-)

No. All pre-race communications are sent via email. Race numbers etc are collected at registration.

If you need to change any details, this must be done online. Log into Si Entries, select the Highland Fling from your list of races entered, then edit and save your Participant Details. This can be done right up until midnight on Sunday 23th April. Please ensure we have correct medical information and emergency contact details. Also please make sure that the mobile phone number you have given us is definitely that of the mobile phone you will be carrying during the race!

Sorry, no, the final date for obtaining a refund has now passed. Similarly, no deferrals are possible.

Sorry, no, this isn’t possible either. We don’t operate a waiting list and you can’t transfer your place to a friend. And please do not unofficially pass your race number on to someone else - it is strictly against Scottish Athletics rules and could see both you and the other runner being barred from future races.

Sorry about that! The Facebook group is really mostly intended for Fling runners to share information with each other. Important questions will often get lost in amongst all the gossip. If you want to ask anything 'official', please email the Fling team directly: team@highlandflingrace.org

Parking and Transport Stuff

The 3:45am Tyndrum coach leaves from the Tyndrum Visitor Centre car park: FK20 8RY

The 4:30am Glasgow west end coach leaves from Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery: G3 8AG

For free long term parking on race weekend please use the West of Scotland Rugby Football Club’s car park: Glasgow Rd, Milngavie, G62 6AQ. It's about a ten minute walk from here to the race start. Please note that cars parked here are not the responsibility of the West of Scotland Rugby Football Club and are left entirely at the owner’s risk. If you do not accept this disclaimer, please arrange to park elsewhere.

Please do not plan to leave your car in Milngavie train station car park. There will be traffic marshals controlling access to the car park and you will not under any circumstance be allowed to bring your car in.

For dropping off at the race start and short term parking (i.e. support crews), please use the Tesco car park right beside Milngavie train station. Please note that any cars left here after 7:30am will be clamped by Tesco.

Support crews (and all other vehicles) should try to use the visitor centre car park in the centre of the village. Runners with support crews please note: A support pass does NOT grant vehicle access to the finish area, to ByTheWay Hostel and Campsite, or to Lower Station Road. Vehicle access to Lower Station Road is very limited and will be controlled by race marshals throughout the day. Please follow race signage and obey marshals’ instructions at all times.

All coaches will leave from the end of Lower Station Road (walk out of ByTheWay campsite and head for the A82 main road). Marshals with lists of names will be checking runners on to each coach.

If you finish earlier or later than you expected and you would like to travel on a different coach than the one you have booked, this may be possible but cannot be guaranteed. For enquiries about changing your coach booking, please come to the blue merchandise tent at the race finish and ask one of the marshals on duty there. If we can confirm a change for you, we will. If we can't, we will ask you to go and speak nicely to the marshals who are checking runners on to the coaches. Chances are there will be a spare seat and we’ll be able to squeeze you on, but you’ll be asked to wait until all the runners with confirmed bookings have boarded. Same goes if you don’t have a booking at all - you can pay cash on the day but folk with pre-booked seats will be prioritised.

Yes, if there are seats available. Priority is obviously given to those with advanced bookings but if your travel plans have changed unexpectedly we’ll do our best to find a seat for you.

On Saturday afternoon, trains for Glasgow depart Tyndrum Lower station just after 5:10pm and Tyndrum Upper station just after 7:10pm. Advance booking with Scotrail is advised. Tickets are £20.40. A bus departs from just opposite the Pine Trees campsite for Glasgow at 8:25pm. This is the last public transport available that day. Advance booking with Citylink is advised. Tickets are £18.00.

Race Stuff

No. Runners MUST pick up their own race number. No exceptions!

Please note: At race registration, all runners will be required to show photographic ID to collect their race number, and all runners will be fitted with non-transferable wristbands which must not be removed until after the event.

To avoid congestion on the trail in the first couple of miles we will be setting runners off in waves. If you've ever run a big city marathon you'll know how it works, but if not, basically we'll be asking you all to estimate your finish times and assemble in pens based on those times, probably sub 10hrs, 10-12hrs and 12+hrs, and we'll be setting you off in waves a minute or so apart. Don't worry about the extra time it'll take you to get across the start line, your timing chip means your race time won’t start recording until you cross the start line. For the overall race winners we will be using gun time not chip time, so if you're expecting to be super speedy, make sure you set off in the first wave. Female runners expecting a sub 10hr finish should also make sure to set off in the first wave.

If you've trained properly for the distance and the terrain, we reckon roughly 3 x your current road marathon time. This is just a rough estimate and won't be accurate for everybody, but it works out pretty well for a lot of people.

The event provides only water at checkpoints. We do not provide energy drinks or solid food however any items left over from the drop bags of faster runners will be laid out on tables. Usually there is a random selection of sweet and savoury nibbles available at each checkpoint however this should not be relied on.

Location Distance Water Dropbags Toilets Support Crews
Drymen 12.6 Yes No Portaloos Yes
Balmaha 19.8 Yes Yes Portaloos Yes
Rowardennan 27.2 Yes Yes Public loos NO
Inversnaid 34.5 Yes Yes Portaloos Not Advised*
Beinglas 40.9 Yes Yes Portaloos Yes

*It is not advised for support crews to go to Inversnaid as driving to and from it takes bloody ages and crews could easily miss runners!

Water is available at many other points along the race route - there are a variety of honesty shops, outside taps, and wild water sources that are safe to drink from (with the usual proviso of checking immediately upstream for rotting sheep carcasses…)

No. When you leave a checkpoint, any unused food, drink, blister plasters etc will be put out for later runners to help themselves to. If you want to put fresh socks into a drop bag that's fine, but if you leave your sweaty ones behind they'll be binned. Basically, if you leave it at a checkpoint, you won’t get it back. So if you want to change shoes mid-race, get yourself a support crew. We will NOT transport grubby shoes to the race finish for you!

Yes. There will be live tracking on the race website and runners can also choose to have Facebook updates posted on their wall. Full details will be available on the website and the Facebook group soon so please keep an eye out for the announcement.

Yes. There are either portaloos or public toilets at all checkpoints and also there are public toilets at Milarrochy Bay carpark (22 miles) and Sallochy Bay carpark (25 miles). If you really need to go to the toilet between these locations, please move well off the trail and do your best to make sure no one can see you - especially the general public and local residents!

You should carry it with you till you reach a bin! You absolutely MUST NOT drop any litter on the trail! Please use the official big red FLING DUSTBINS which will be located a hundred yards or so before and after each checkpoint. If you see a runner dropping litter please ask them to pick it up. If you spot any race litter on the trail, e.g. gel wrappers, please pick it up and bin it at the next checkpoint.

There will be around 200 Fling Team marshals and helpers who are there to look after all you runners. They will all be wearing event hoodies and Race Team ID badges, and also hi-viz vests at checkpoints and road crossings. If you have a question or need help with anything, please just ask one of them.

Yes. There will be two sports massage therapists at Rowardennan checkpoint (27 miles) who will do their best to help you with any mid-race niggles.

If you want to overtake a slower runner on a narrow section of trail, ask politely! Say please and thank you. Offer some encouragement to them. Don’t just shout "Coming through!" and hammer past. That’s extremely arsey.

Yes, so please be polite to everyone you pass, not just other runners. Say hello. Don't get annoyed if you have to slow down for small children or dogs. They have absolutely as much right as you do to be there! If you're trying to pass walkers on narrow sections of trail, a friendly "Excuse me please" will work a lot better than shouting "Runner coming through," which is as we just said extremely arsey.

If you pass through an open gate, leave it open. If the gate is closed, please close it behind you. If another runner is coming up behind you, it’s polite to wait a second and hold the gate open for them rather than just let it slam shut.

Race Rules and Safety Stuff

Yes. Yes, you really do. Please just make things easy for us and comply with the kit rules. A foil blanket and mobile phone could save your - or someone else’s - life in an emergency. You may be kit checked at any point in the race.

No. Absolutely no support runners/pacers are allowed on the trail. All runners must display their race number and wristband clearly at all times. Any runner who appears to be accompanied by another runner not displaying a race number or wristband will be stopped and questioned by marshals, and may be withdrawn from the event.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing! Support crews are allowed at Inversnaid and we’re happy for them to go there, it’s just that for all but the slowest runners, it won’t be physically possible for a support crew to drive from Inversnaid to Beinglas in time to meet the runner they’re supporting. It’s 6.5 miles by trail but 60+ miles by road. And as traffic congestion on the route is a real issue for the event, we have to insist that runners DO NOT ask a second car to join in the support crew duties. A vehicle support pass is for one vehicle only. Runners cannot have two support vehicles. So for runners expecting to finish under 14 hours, you have to choose whether you want your support crew to go to Inversnaid or to Beinglas, as they almost certainly won’t be able to do both.

Marshals at Inversnaid will be checking support vehicle passes and looking out for runners disobeying these instructions. Spectators without support vehicle passes are allowed at Inversnaid, but they must not be there for the purpose of providing race support to individual runners. We think the difference is pretty clear, but if you don’t understand it, please email us and ask and we’ll be happy to sort out any confusion.

You absolutely MUST stop and try to help. It is very important that we all look after each other out there! If a runner is seriously injured then please call 999 first, and ask for POLICE and MOUNTAIN RESCUE, then Race Control (this phone number will be on your race number.) If you have no phone signal please wait till another runner arrives to assist then run on until you get a signal. If the runner can’t move and is getting cold please use your own and other runners’ emergency foil blankets to keep the injured runner warm.

If you realise you have gone wrong somewhere, you should turn around and retrace your steps until you get back onto the race route. Once you’re back at the point where you went wrong, you’ll probably be able to see what the correct way actually is. Please do not phone Race Control asking for directions, as we will be unable to help you.

This is so you can contact us in the event of a serious accident or a situation that requires our urgent attention. Please think of it as the equivalent of 999, and only call it in an emergency.

If you withdraw from the race at one of the checkpoints, please let a marshal know you are stopping, and make sure you give them your name, your race number, and also your timing chip. If you decide to withdraw from the race between checkpoints and have your support crew pick you up somewhere, please phone the number for DNF runners (this phone number will be on your race number) and let us know you're okay. Please DO NOT simply exit the race and go home with your support crew without telling anyone.

If you withdraw from the race, and you don't have a support crew, sweeper vehicles at each checkpoint will be able to drive you on to the finish at Tyndrum, or back to the start at Milngavie. This may be some time after the checkpoint finally closes however, so you could have a wait of several hours. Please remember that marshals are NOT taxi drivers, so don't pester them about how long you've been waiting. There will be Outdoor First Aiders at every checkpoint, so make yourself known to them and they'll take care of you until the checkpoint closes. Make sure you don’t get cold while you’re waiting - put on any extra clothes you’re carrying in your pack, ask nicely if you can sit inside a marshal’s car and use your foil blanket to keep warm if you have to.

A note from the Event Medical Team

The Highland Fling Medical Team do not sanction anyone as ‘fit to run’; instead we want to be aware of our runners' history in order to be as well prepared for emergencies as possible. We provide first aid facilities only, in a remote environment, and we cannot cover all eventualities. All runners should consider their own fitness to participate and should, if they have any concerns, discuss with their GP or specialist before participating. We would like you to share those discussions with us prior to the event, so that we are best prepared. Any information provided to us is treated with the utmost confidentiality, is not shared outside of the medical team and will be destroyed securely after the event. We pride ourselves on our rigid information security.

It is very important that all runners provide us with up to date medical information. If you have asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, any form of heart condition, any other condition you have been diagnosed with that might affect your ability to safely participate in the race, any condition you are currently taking medication for, then WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT! To update your medical information, log into your Si Entries account, select the Highland Fling from your list of races, then Edit and Save your Participant Details. Full medical information must be submitted online by midnight on Sunday 23rd April. If you experience last minute changes to any medical conditions or prescribed medications after 23rd April, you must let us know via email.

Any runner who would like to discuss anything with our medical team before the event should contact team@highlandflingrace.org as soon as possible.

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Thank you for taking the time to read all the race info. Hopefully this has covered everything you might want to know, but if not, just send an email to:


Please note: If you ask a question about something that has been explained in the FAQs, you will just get a reply saying 'Please refer to FAQs'. Hopefully you can appreciate that we are extremely busy with race preparation so please help us out and read through the FAQs carefully before emailing with any questions.

You can also look for information on the event's official Facebook page:

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Happy tapering, and we look forward to seeing you all on race day :-)

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